The quickest, easiest and most cost effective way to review contracts.

Our Mission

LawGeex is transforming legal operations.

Our artificial intelligence solution helps legal teams automate the review and approval of contracts. We make in-house legal work easy, efficient and impactful, allowing our customers to focus on the big picture instead of getting lost in the paperwork.

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The Problem

Businesses rely on their in-house legal counsel to review and approve contracts quickly, to close deals faster and keep business running efficiently.

Legal counsel are often overwhelmed with work, and reviewing everyday contracts is a time intensive and mundane task, taking legal focus away from more strategic matters and creating a legal bottleneck.

Legal, Operations and Sales have all recognised that these issues are costing time, money and employee morale.

The Technology

LawGeex employs the latest in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, text analysis and natural language processing to review and understand legal documents.

Our easy to use, cloud-based platform enables our customers to automate the review of contracts, analyze their contents and compare them to their legal team’s predefined criteria or to industry benchmarks.

Our technology is built by the leading minds in artificial intelligence and trained to the highest standards by highly experienced US lawyers.

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Our Founders

Founded in 2014, ‘Contract Review Automation’ was coined by international lawyer Noory Bechor and leading A.I. expert Ilan Admon.

Noory Bechor, Co-Founder & CEO

Noory is a man on a mission: to revolutionize the legal world through innovative technology. Noory combines his entrepreneurial spirit and years of experience as an international commercial lawyer to help other lawyers #lovelegal again, making their work easy, efficient and impactful.


Ilan Admon, Co-Founder & CTO

As an Artificial Intelligence guru, Ilan Admon has spent the last 20 years getting his hands dirty with machine learning algorithms, and we’re pretty sure he can solve anything technical. A super-smart internet entrepreneur and experienced international CTO, he also has the world’s best t-shirt collection.

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